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favorite male characters → logan echolls (veronica mars)
"My day is complete! Veronica Mars has accused me of evil."

new zealand’s finest


new zealand’s finest

Connor Walsh: A Summary

Big Brother Grimes (◡‿◡✿)

“Where’s my dad?”
“Where’s Stiles? Where the hell is my son?”



wolf playing in the snow

How majestic.

#the pack goes on vacation for winter break#and gets a cabin in the mountains together#and they realize derek’s disappeared#so they look outside and (via foxkings because omg)


Hypoxia. That’s what you did to me.

       i’m   D  A  M  A  G  E  D  !

Can I just say that Agents of Shield is knocking it out of the park this season? Fitz’s story is as heart breaking as it is brilliant. Real, long lasting consequences to what was done in the season finale feels so rare and precious on TV these days. More so when dealing with something as crippling as brain damage (brain damage of someone whose character - his usefulness - was defined by his genius). There is no shuffling him off into a corner, but instead the writers have chosen to continue to have him part of the team. A damaged part of the team. Having every member of the team interact with him and react to this new imperfect Fitz is so brilliant. Talking to someone who can’t find the words is painful and frustrating and heartbreaking (my mom had a stroke a few years ago… this shit is so real to me).

Kudos to AoS for keeping Fitz and all his brilliant, damaged, crippled brain front and center. He is no token, his storyline is complex and believable, he is so much more than his disability and his anger for what happened to him, yet his disability is also an inseparable part of who his character is now. Kudos also to the writers for telling this story to the fullest by making everyone around him a richer, more developed character for how they deal with him, each in their own way. 

Oh my gosh, Stiles following Derek around whenever he's sad. That is so fucking adorable what the fuck. I need someone to write this please oh my god


Derek comes home to a quiet house. The lights are off, the television’s silent, and there’s no take out boxes on the table, no loud greeting or big hands flying to catch his face for Stiles to kiss him hello. 

He’s just a little concerned. 


There’s a grumble from the couch, and Derek kicks off his shoes, pads into the living room to where there’s a full on nest of blankets and pillows. 

"Did you relocate our bed?"

"Shit day," Stiles murmurs, toes sticking out over the couch arm. Derek squeezes his foot as he passes, tosses off his jacket and drops down to the floor. 

Stiles peeks out from under a blanket, gives him a doleful smile, “Hi.”

"Hey," Derek runs his fingers through Stiles’ hair, and Stiles’ eyes flutter shut as he sighs, reaches out to grab Derek’s wrist. 

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Oh my Chuck


The biggest debate in the Supernatural fandom is Chuck

Was he a prophet?

Was he God?


I think he was both

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